Cultural Integrity and World Community

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This volume brings together the work of philosophers, legal theorists, political scientists, and social scientists who are concerned over ethnic and cultural conflicts: the conflict between the need to adopt and enforce universal norms in the international community and the demand that we respect cultural differences; conflicts between individual and group interests; cultural conflict and globalization in relation to liberal theories of justice and economic development, and others.

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
1. Global Ethics and Respect for Culture (Andreas Follesdal)
2. Cosmopolitanism and Cultural Pluralism (Sharon Anderson-Gold)
3. A Practice theory of Culture and the Intercultural Intelligibility Problem (Brandon Claycomb)
4. Challenging the Bias (N. Ruth Gasson)
5. Domestic Societies and the Law of Peoples (David Meeler)
6. Globalization, Democracy, and Modernity (Jonathan P. G. Bach)
7. Transitional Democracy (George Carew)
8. The Role of Moral Psychology in Understanding Democracy (William C. Pamerleau)
9. Discourse Ethics and Identity Politics (Jordy Rocheleau)
10. Ethnocide and Education: Some Disturbing Questions (Thomas Platt)
11. The Anti-Theorist’s paradox: Dialogue with a Rortian (Matthew R. Silliman and David K. Johnson)
12. Community, Conformity, and Justice (Tanya R. Glaser)
13. Liberal Abstraction and Social Inequality: A Critique of Dworkin (Lisa H. Schwarzman)
14. Economic Rights and Global Capitalism: A Response to Shue and Pogge (Caleb Mason)
15. The Application of the Capabilities Theory of Development (Seetha Burtner)
16. Rethinking Justice (Jim Cadello)
17. Groups, Rights, and Methodological Individualism: In Defense of Collectivist Rights (Cindy Holder)
18. Cultural Identity, Autonomy, and Rights (John Mahoney)
19. Maasai Rejection of the Western Paradigm of Development: A Foucaultian Analysis (Gail M. Presbey)
20. Equality, Exclusion, and Political Representation (Andrew S. Schwartz)
21. Responsibility, Entitlement, and Justice in Teen Single Parenting (James Wong and David Checkland)
22. Equality, Socialism, Democracy: Cuba as a Test Case (Rodney Peffer)
23. Equality, Justice, and Democracy: A Response to Peffer (Alistair Macleod)
24. Some Questions About Hypocrisy: Comments on Ruth W. Grant’s Hypocrisy & Integrity (Margaret A. Crouch)
25. Some Questions About Integrity: Comments on Ruth W. Grant’s Hypocrisy & Integrity (Christopher B. Gray)
Response to NASSP Book Award Panel (Ruth W. Grant)
Social Philosophy Today No. 15

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