Law of Recognition in International Law Basic Principles

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This book deals with theories of recognition, recognition of states, governments, belligerency and insurgency, modes and effects of recognition and the doctrine of non-recognition. It provides a full length discourse on the law of recognition in an easily digestible format. It will serve as a practical guide book for statesmen and foreign service personnel throughout the world.


"Any international law researcher should find this book as a useful guide. . . . Full attention is paid to the practice of developing countries and the writings of their publicists, especially those from Latin America. . . . for the reader who reads deeply the book provides insights into the changing structure of international law and the increasing level of interdependence among states. . . . the book would be of immense value to lawyers, students of international law -- and to a less extent comparative law -- and political scientists. The book's great asset is that it is clearly written and easily readable." -- Anselm Francis

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