China's Diplomatic Theory and Practice since the 2017 Meeting of the National Congress of the Communist Party of China

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Dr. Xia describes the development of the China's diplomatic theory since 2017. He uses the 2017 meeting of the Communist party of China as a reference point of this important development in China and global history.


"The 19th CPC National Congress was successfully hosted, marking that China has entered into the new era. Thus, China’s diplomatic theory should be innovated on the basis of the change of domestic situation and external environment. At the 2018 Central Conference on Work Relating to Foreign Affairs, Xi emphasized the importance of China’s diplomacy during the new era by listing 10 suggestions. Two among the 10 suggestions apply to the discussion of this article. They are 'upholding the authority of the CPC Central Committee as the overarching principle and strengthening the centralized, unified leadership of the Party on external work.'”
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Table of Contents


Author Introduction


The Four “Deficit” Issues of Contemporary International Relations

The Theory of Building a Community of the Shared Future for Mankind

The Theory of Building a New Type of International Relations

China’s Diplomatic Practice in 2019 and 2020


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