China's International Cultural Exchange: A Textbook

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This is a 8 x 10, softcover book. "China's international cultural exchange is significant because it allows the country to project its soft power, build up diplomatic relations, connect with people from other countries, promote tourism and economic benefits, facilitate education and academic collaboration, foster cross-cultural learning, preserve its own cultural heritage, enhance bilateral relations, and assert its global leadership. For China's international cultural exchange, it is a multifaceted tool for diplomacy and global engagement." Dr. Bin Xia

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Theories of China's International Cultural Exchange
Chapter Two: Historic Process of Globalization and Global Governance & How They Have Impacted the Enhancement of China's International Exchange
Chapter Three: International Organization is an Important Force for Global Prosperity--Importance of International Cooperation in International Community
Chapter Four: China's History Determines China's Openness
Chapter Five: China's International Cultural Exchange under the Framework of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)
Chapter Six: An Ecstatic World Expo Is Eternally Enshrined on the History of the International Exhibitions Bureau--The World Expo Serves as a Bridge in Promoting the relation between China and the International Exhibitions Bureau
Chapter Seven: Share the Games, and Share Our Dreams--Preparation and Organizing Affairs of 2014 Nanjing Summer Youth Olympic Games
Chapter Eight: Cultural Elements in the Inaugural China-Central Asia Summit
Chapter Nine: The Taihu World Cultural Forum
Chapter Ten: The Conference of Dialogue on Asian Civilizations
Chapter Eleven: Other International Cultural Exchanges Hosted in China
Chapter Twelve: Examination Regarding Why China and the US Need to Cooperate with Each Other--The China-US Bilateral Relationship since Mid-20th Century
Chapter Thirteen: The Deveopment of Canada-China Bilateral Relationship Is Not Only in the Aspect of Politics, but in the Aspect of Economic Cooperation and Cultural Exchange--Why is the Canada-China Bilateral Relationship Multi-Dimensional?
Chapter Fourteen: G20 Provides an IMportant Platform for Developing Nations to Boost Global Economic Cooperation and Development

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