The Nazarenes, A Nineteenth Century Art Movement: Romanticizing the Historical Jesus (hardcover)

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This monograph describes the influence of the Nazarenes, a movement based in Germany during the Romantic era. The Nazarenes created images of the Bibles and Jesus that affected European Christianity.


"The Nazarene style of painting influenced Western religious art, the way icons were painted in the Orthodox tradition, and popular religious art throughout the world. If one is not aware of the influence of the Nazarenes, one might think that the Nazarenes’ depiction of Jesus, his disciples, and women associating with the Jesus movement, is just a typically Western characteristic. Jesus is portrayed as an attractive young figure with long blond hair and blue eyes and his followers are similarly attractive with long gowns and long flowing hair. This style though immensely widespread, especially in popular depictions of Jesus and of nascent Christianity, should not simply be identified with Western art. It represents a movement stemming from the 19th century romantic period in Germany that in a unique way caught the religious imagination of countless Christians all over the world. "
From the Introduction

Table of Contents


1. Origins and Development of the Movement

2. Outside Influences and Undergirding Theories

3. The Program of the Nazarenes exemplified by Johann Friedrich Overbeck and Philipp Veit

4. Influence and Significance of the Movement

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