Brazinski, Paul A.

Dr. Paul A. Brazinski teaches history at the Woodbury Forest School. He received his Ph.D. in Church history from the Catholic University of America.

The Poor and Marginalized in Early Medieval Europe: Gregory the Great's Use of Defenders, Notaries, and Meritorious Almsgiving
2021 1-4955-0871-4
"This work [offers] a comprehensive investigation into how Gregory the Great cared for the poor and the marginalized. Methodologically, this study constitute[s] the first investigation of his use of lesser orders, defensores ecclesiarum (defenders) and notarii (notaries). This book fill[s] a lacuna in explicating the roles and demographic characteristics of these lesser orders. It...also illustrate[s] his use of meritorious almsgiving and gifts to maintain the services of his significant donors."
From the Author's "Introduction"

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