What is the New Age? Defining Third Millennium Consciousness

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This study offers a wealth of information about the claims and beliefs of the New Age as well as an immense background in the physical, biological, neurophysiological, cultural anthropological, psychological, and quantum theoretical facts which are part of the learned discussions of this form of holistic spirituality. A substantial selection of foundational aspects, e.g. the relation between science and religion, the scientific approach to the holistic spirituality.


"The scope, depth, balance, and intellectual integrity of Professor Frost's study is as impressive as the sensitivity and fair-mindedness he brings to the examination of a growing movement. . . . offers an astounding wealth of information from such fields as philosophy, religion, theology, world religions, biology (especially sociobiology and evolution), physics (especially wave mechanics), psychology (especially studies of human consciousness), neurophysiology, and cultural anthropology. . . . The footnotes in his book . . . provide an excellent, beginning annotated bibliography concerning the history, aspects, scholarly exploration, debates both internal and external, and social significance of the New Age as well as the cultural, philosophical, religious and scientific foundations..." - Albert Randall

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