Ecumenical Orthodoxy of Charles Augustus Briggs (1841-1913)

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This study of controversial biblical scholar Charles Augustus Briggs substantially revises our understanding of Briggs as an important figure in the world of late 19th-century theology. The book demonstrates that he made unique contributions to ecumenism which anticipated much of the present-day ecumenical dialogue. Briggs provides an extraordinary example of the bridge between conservative and liberal Protestantism and between Protestantism and Roman Catholicism, and was an early precursor to the discussions on theological pluralism and church unity in vogue today.


"Richard Christensen has published a finely crafted and engaging study of this complex and crucial figure who helped define the battle lines between the Fundamentalists and modernists of our own century . . . . Of particular interest to Catholic biblical scholars and historians of modernism, Christensen documents Briggs' central role (in league with Baron von Huegel) in attempting to deflect the full brunt of the papal condemnation of critical bliblical and historical scholarship in Pascendi and Lamentabili. Christensen offers students of the modern ecumencial movement, as well as to students of Gilded Age religion, a smart new 'read' on one of the most famous figures of the era. Christensen deftly makes comprehensible one of the most complex scholars in the history of American religion." - Mark S. Massa in Catholic Historical Review

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