How Africans Shaped Biblical History: The Descendants of Ham

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This is first comprehensive scriptural study of African stories found in the Bible. It had its genesis in classes at Vanderbilt University School of Divinity with the late Dr. Walter J. Harrelson, a Hebrew Bible Scholar. This work focuses on a historical background for an African-centered perspective in the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures.


"Dr. Hardy argues that he is reclaiming the stolen glory of these texts that have been used repeatedly by European and Anglo-American interpreters to denigrate and disparage black bodies. In reclaiming this legacy, Dr. Hardy is not only adding to the corpus of scholarship. He is, in fact, providing hope to the marginalized of African descent across the globe. I know of no other work in publication today that reframes the discussion and provides an impetus to reclaim a proud heritage."
Dr. Michael Joseph Brown,
President, Payne Theological Seminary

"Rather than being a sheer academic exercise in reading the Bible (which tends to de-Africanize the biblical text), The Descendants of Ham is designed to provide a check to such projects. Ultimately, Hardy is content to write this book for 'preachers, teachers, and lay people in Bible Study and other venues', rather than strict academics. Inspired by an Afrocentric Hermeneutic, the author works to disclose to readers the contributions of Africa and Africans in the biblical world."
Dr. Charles E. Bowie,
Tennessee State University

Table of Contents

Prologue: Stolen Glory

1. Reclaiming Africans' Place in the Bible

2. Journey to the Ends of the Earth

3. Giants in Bible-Land

4. Commerce in Bible-Land

5. East African Matriarchs

6. King Tirhakah: The Black Pharaoh

7. An African Believer

Epilogue: Finding Reclamation

A Timeline of Religion



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