Racism Problematic Contemporary Sociological Debates on Race and Ethnicity

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Essays from the Bristol conference Social Order in Post-Classical Sociology (1992), reviewing theoretical developments which inform our knowledge of Ethnic Relations.
Essays include: The Racism Problematic (Michael Banton); Michael Banton's Twins - Affiliation and Formation in the Rational Choice Theory of Racial and Ethnic Relations (Alan Carling); "Us" and "Them" - Ethnicity, Racism and Ideology (Richard Jenkins); If Races Don't Exist, Then What Does? Racial Categorisation and Ethnic Realities (Tariq Modood); Ethnicity and Modernity - the Case of Ismailis in Britain (Badr Dahya); The Subject is Ethnicity (Steve Fenton); The Politics of Racial Pluralism in Britain - Problems of Evaluation (Shamit Saggar); Some Reflections on the Sociology of Race and Racism (David Mason); Race and Racism in Social Theory (John Solomos); Racism and Nationalism in the United Kingdom - A View from the Periphery (Robert Miles).


"This volume makes an important and stimulating contribution to the conceptual debate on race, racism and ethnicity in recent sociology. This unique, indispensable and critical appraisal of Banton's work is likely to be extensively used by students in sociology, social anthropology and social policy." - Annie Phizacklea

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