Barot, Rohit

Racism Problematic Contemporary Sociological Debates on Race and Ethnicity
1996 0-7734-8818-9
Essays from the Bristol conference Social Order in Post-Classical Sociology (1992), reviewing theoretical developments which inform our knowledge of Ethnic Relations. Essays include: The Racism Problematic (Michael Banton); Michael Banton's Twins - Affiliation and Formation in the Rational Choice Theory of Racial and Ethnic Relations (Alan Carling); "Us" and "Them" - Ethnicity, Racism and Ideology (Richard Jenkins); If Races Don't Exist, Then What Does? Racial Categorisation and Ethnic Realities (Tariq Modood); Ethnicity and Modernity - the Case of Ismailis in Britain (Badr Dahya); The Subject is Ethnicity (Steve Fenton); The Politics of Racial Pluralism in Britain - Problems of Evaluation (Shamit Saggar); Some Reflections on the Sociology of Race and Racism (David Mason); Race and Racism in Social Theory (John Solomos); Racism and Nationalism in the United Kingdom - A View from the Periphery (Robert Miles).

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