Philosophical and Religious Conceptions of the Person and their Implications for Ethical, Political and Social Thought

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This volume is a compilation of papers presented at the third biannual meeting of the International Forum on Persons held at Oriel College, Oxford in August of 1995. Propelling the origination of the organization was both the insight that persons are subject not only to political, economic, and technological dehumanization but also to deep misunderstanding and the conviction that focusing the bright light of dialectical critique on the topic could help overcome the ignorance among scholars.

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Part One: What Makes a Person?
· The Impersonal in the Personal and the Personal in the Impersonal (Dorothy Emmet)
· I, You, and We: An Exploration (Margaret Chatterchee)
· Saying “No” and Denial (Wilfried Ver Eecke)
· Recovering Persons (Thomas O. Buford)
· The Ontological Significance of Laughter for Persons: A Phenomenological Exploration (Albert B. Randall)
· Defining Hero, Defining Person: The Living Llegend of Arthur (Jeanie Page Randall)
· King Lear and the Philosopher-Person (Richard E. Hart)
Part Two: Ethics, Politics, and Persons
· What Stabilizes a Life that is Moral (Thomas O. Buford)
· Response-Ability and Responsibility, Power, and Authority (Kenneth Wilson)
· Mothers and Children: Problems for Self-Ownership (Susan Dodds)
· Covenant Defined Personhood in Modern Society: On the Promise – and Perils – of an Ancient Master Metaphor (Raymond K. Anderson)
· Postism, Social Policy, and John MacMurray (Paul Fox-Strangways)
· The Super-Ego and the Moral Vision of the World (W. Ver Eecke)
Part Three:Personalist Worldviews
· The Personalist Ontology of Peace in Gabriel Marcel: From Dramatic Presentations to Philosophical Reflection (Bernard A. Gendreau)
· Personal Values in the Thought of Gabriel Marcel and José Vasconcelos (John Haddox)
· From Manly Courage to Philosophical Courage: A Dialogue between Platos Laches and Phaedo (Jane Kelley Rodeheffer)
· The Personalism of Karol Wojtyla (James G. Hannik)
· Deconstructing the All: Language as Humankind’s ‘Morning Gift from the Creator’ in Rosenzweig’s Star of Redemption (Rober A . Badham)
· The Personalism of John Henry Newman (John F. Crosby)
· Mythology and Freedom: Nicholas Berdyaev’s Uses of Jacob Boehme’s Ungrund Myth (James McLachlan)
· An African Approach to Personalism (Safro Kwame)
· The Nation of Person in American Personalism (Bogumil Gacka)

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