Studies in the Philosophy of Michel Foucault: A French Alternative to Anglo-Americanism

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This collection reminds the reader that Foucault was first and foremost a philosopher. The study focuses on the three principal aspects of Foucault’s work as Foucault himself acknowledged them to be namely, subjectivity, truth and power.


"The present collection of essays has the great merit of clarifying Foucault’s ethical and political views in relation to some superficial and erroneous interpretations and shedding new light on the process of self-transformation. More importantly perhaps, the authors masterfully show what philosophy can achieve when it dares to challenge well entrenched views on contemporary ethical and social issues and, at the same time, seeks to remain reliant on its own historical roots." - Prof. Gabor Csepregi Dominican University College

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Public and Private Within the Panoptic Modality of Facebook
- Sarah Hamilton (Trent University)
Chapter 2
The Reviser and the Whistle Blower
- Scott Nicholson (Queens University) Truth Chapter 3
Foucault and Historical Epistemology: Development and Critique of the Philosophy of the Norm
- Samuel Talcott (Seattle University)
Chapter 4
Archaeology, Genealogy, Method
- Scott Balasak (McMaster University)
Chapter 5
Foucault, Truth, Genealogy
- Saladdin Ahmed (Ottawa University)
Chapter 6
Practices of Freedom: Foucault as Eudaimonist
- Rohit Dalvi (Brock University)
Chapter 7
Foucault and his use of the Ancients
- Annie Larivée (Carleton University)
Chapter 8
Foucault and Self-Transformation
- Brian Lightbody (Brock University)

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