Thomas Hill Green (1836-1882) and the Philosophical Foundations of Politics. An Internal Critique

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"A wide-ranging and scholarly account of the whole of Green's philosophical work. The author combines meticulous scholarship with philosophical insight and leaves us in no doubt that Green has significant contributions to make to the problems of modern moral and political philosophy." - Susan Mendus

"Tyler offers a careful re-reading of Green, that illustrates the importance of his metaphysical writings for any accurate appreciation of his political thought. . . A useful contribution to the literature." - Richard Bellamy

"This book is a serious and siginificant contribution to the literature on the British idealist T.H. Green, and develops its arguments with reference to both contemporary and contemporaneous criticisms." -- David Boucher

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Foreword, Preface, Introduction
1. Knowledge as Self-Realisation
2. Self-Consciousness, Voluntarism and the Will
3. Relational Organicism and the Common Good
4. Conscience, Social Criticism and Progress
5. Rights and the State
6. The Ethical Potential of the Economic Realm
Conclusion, Bibliographies, Index

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