Towards a Theory of the Relativity of Truth in Morality and Religion

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This book is an expansion of the book's 1991 publication. In addition to the original text, there is a new preface and postscript by the author. Both the previous book and the additions are included in this volume. The author analyses a model in which moral truth is presented as truth in the perspective of certain social commitments, as well as a model in which religious truth is interpreted as truth in the perspective of religious experience. Theorizes that relativity need not conflict with universality. Truth from the perspective of the insider is truth without qualification.

Table of Contents

Original Preface
Preface to the Second Edition
General Introduction
I. Ethical Relativity and Empirical Evaluation of Normative Propositions
II. Meaning, Truth Conditions and the Internal Point of View: The Ethical Dilemma
III. On the Logic of Religious Experience
IV. Internal Relativism and the Problem of Moral Knowledge
V. Morality as a Fact: Exploring Relativity of Truth in Morality and Religion

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