Student's View of the College of St. James on the Eve of the Civil War. The Letters of W. Wilkins Davis (1842-1866)

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Awarded the Certificate of Commendation from the American Association for State and Local History
A series of sixteen letters that tell the story of a religiously oriented boarding school founded in 1842 as an educational institution that differed somewhat from the usual academy in that it would function as "a church family, a Christian home" in which the rector would serve as father to the whole community.


". . . a brief, tantalizing glimpse of a student, a college, and a country on the brink of catastrophe. The book is as moving as it is informative." _ Vitae Scholasticae

"The problems of the Episcopal Church, a pioneering educational venture, and a substantial Maryland family caught up in the throes and ambivalences of the Civil War are vividly portrayed through the letters, which are skillfully used to bring out the personalities, concerns, and deeply-held religious convictions of the persons involved. I commend the author and his book." _ RICHARD PORTER THOMSEN in the Maryland Historical Magazine

". . . offers a window into this period for both the political and the religious historian. . . . [P]art of [the letters'] charm is their homely quality that stands in marked contrast to the revolutionary forces swirling around them. Yet, on the other han

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