Sudan’s Civil War - Slavery, Race and Formational Identities

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The civil war in the Sudan has been generally misunderstood in the Sudanese and Western academic worlds as war between an Arab Muslim North and an African Christian South. This work examines how ‘African’ and ‘Arab’, as competing racial identities, have been produced in the Sudan, and interprets the roles of various actors with different interests in creating these identities.

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Foreword; Preface; Introduction
1. Theoretical Framework of the Study
2. Slavery and Construction of ‘Race’ 1800-1898
3. The British Colonial Policies and the Myth of ‘Unity in Diversity’
4. Competing Visions of Histories and Identities 193—1956
5. Southern Sudanese Nationalism and Politics of Resistance 1955-1993
Conclusion; Bibliography; Index

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