Subject Area: Philosophy

 Casebier, Allan
2006 0-7734-5816-6 164 pages
This book provides the reader with the first comprehensive explanation of the much used distinction between modernist and postmodernist art. Where so many readers and appreciators of the arts find the distinction confronting them at every turn but are unable to understand its nature or comprehend its value, the book provides a conceptual map of the terrain in which the distinction functions. At the same time, the notion of a surrealist style often leaves the reader of history of the arts with sheer mystification where clarity would be most welcome. It provides a much needed corrective to this situation by indicating how to identify surrealist art from its opposing styles. The book provides many illustrations in explaining these three dominant artistic styles of the twentieth century.

This work will appeal to academic readers in history of the arts, cinema and art history; theorists and students of literature and film; and general readers in the history of the arts.

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 Warner, Martin
1999 0-7734-8176-1 148 pages

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Adorno's Philosophy of Modern Music
 Dennis, Christopher
1997 0-7734-8434-5 144 pages
Examines Adorno's principal theme: the historical demise of tonality as the basis for the valid practice of musical art. This theme proceeds from his dialectical view of reality, and from the consequences of the historical change that began with the ascendancy of the bourgeoisie. Responses to these circumstances by the principal composers of the period span a continuum from authenticity, in acknowledgment of the end of musical art, achieved in the objectifying constructions of Schoenberg's 12-tone principles; to inauthenticity, in the pretence of Stravinsky's works to maintain a traditional tonality which is really dead. The consequences of this history for contemporary music are presented as Adorno described them in publications subsequent to Philosophy of Modern Music. Inconsistency is noted in Adorno's understanding of what tonality is, and where it actually applies: this casts doubt upon the notion of tonality from which its historical demise supposedly derives. Adorno's characterization of present historical trends is read as negative, and an interpretation of this apparently essentialist position is offered.

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Aesthetics of Ralph Waldo Emerson the Materials and Methods of His Poetry
 Hudnut, Robert K.
1996 0-7734-8817-0 120 pages
Examines Emerson's aesthetic as a metaphysical poem about two things: the human act of creation, and the divine. In the transcendental frame of reference, an aesthetic becomes basically a religion and not a philosophy. This study constructs a deductive framework from Emerson's writings, which works from the ground upward toward the Emersonian ideas on art: the "Materials" of Art must be considered before the "Method" of Art, and from these is created a philosophical-theological mold. It particularly examines Emerson's indebtedness to Coleridge, and also mentions earlier influences on both of them, such as Kant, Fichte, Plotinus, Plato, et al.

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Bibliography, History, Pedagogy and Philosophy in Music and Percussion
 Larrick, Geary
1999 0-7734-8165-6 190 pages
Section I contains more than a hundred brief essays headed with bibliographic entries, covering aspects of contemporary percussion music. Section II contains more than twenty essays on a broad selection of subjects having to do with music ranging from the symphony to the xylophone. Section III contains several essays of musical scholarship covering analysis, biography, education, history, pedagogy and performance. The biographical sketches are of a professional nature. "The book traverses an expansive terrain of composers: some of the well known masters who happened to write for various percussion instruments, and others, writing as percussion performers themselves, who have made contributions to the solo literature. . . . there is an entire section devoted to women in the field. Geary Larrick deals at length with the literature on percussion music, and reviews, for instance, catalogues of instruments and the literature written for them. Monographs and methods, both historical and pedagogical, fall within the scope of his discussion, and he has reviewed many solo anthologies (some of which are for students), and collections of orchestral excerpts. . . . Even more diversity appears in his commentary on percussion instruments. Naturally the instruments of the orchestral percussion section are appropriate here, but the Afro-Cuban and Afro-Brazilian instruments appear alongside oriental and biblical instruments. . . . concise and within the reach of every insider. It is even accessible to outsiders, where the world of percussion has remained, until now, incomprehensible. This book shows how vast and variegated that world is." – Richard Pinnell, Chair, Department of Musick University of Wisconsin- LaCrosse

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Kong in Chinese Philosophy, Psychology, and Poetics
 Shen, Leah
2022 1-4955-0934-6 282 pages
From the Introduction: "The project investigates a poetics of creative kong (emptiness) by studying the philosophical origins of the notion of emptiness in Indian Buddhism as well as its development in China from ancient times through the 17th century. I argue for the philosophical and religious significance of kong in the Chinese context as being open-minded, non-obsessive, and creative. The poetics and aesthetics of kong owes a significant debt to Confucianism, Daoism, and Buddhism. The senses of kong enabled the writers and artists of the late Ming and early Qing to link with the immanent vividness of the world, and to evoke their creativity in literary and artistic practices when they tried to establish a close relationship to nature, instead of interfering with it." (pg. 2)
(Softcover with 3 color illustrations)

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Philosophy of Lev Shestov (1866-1938): A Russian Religious Existentialist (NYRB Softcover price)
 Shein, Louis J.
1991 1-4955-0930-3 120 pages
Lev Shestov is a strange and, in many respects, unique phenomenon in the history of Russian and philosophic thought. His approach to philosophical problems was so different from the traditional that it created difficulties in assimilating the essence of his thought. This is an attempt to clarify Shestov's work. The sudden death of Dr. Louis J.Shein prevented the completion of this work, but the editors of the Edwin Mellen Press decided that despite the unfinished nature of the manuscript, its contribution to scholarship renders it worthy of publication as Shein left it, with only minor editing adjustments.

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Studies in the Philosophy of Law From Enlightenment to the Contemporary Period
 Dumitrescu, Corina Anderson
2021 1-4955-0821-8 368 pages
Drs. Dumitrescu and Craiovan presents this edited collection of papers from the international conference on “The Philosophy of Law from Enlightenment to the Contemporary Period.”

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