Bibliography on East Asian Religion and Philosophy

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This comprehensive research bibliography compiles, annotates, indexes and cross-references resources in the principal Western languages of English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish which focus on East Asia (principally China, Japan, and Korea) in the primary areas of philosophy and religious studies, with supporting resources in theology, history, culture, and related social sciences. The bibliography is organized both thematically and geographically, and the index gives not only author’s and subject’s names, but includes a wide range of topics and sub-topics as well. A notable additional feature of this bibliography is the inclusion of extensive Internet-based resources, such as a wide variety of web-sites, discussion lists, electronic texts, virtual libraries, online journals and related material which allow for easy further research.

“Of particular interest are subsections on current subjects of interest (business and economic ethics, human rights, etc,). Bretzke’s inclusion of annotated East Asia Internet Resources is also extremely useful.” – Philip L. Wickeri


"Bretzke's book cites bibliographic and Internet resources about East Asia (mainly China, Japan, and Korea) in philosophy and religious studies. The first section treats general works on philosophy and religion in all of Asia. The second section concentrates on the major religious and philosophical traditions of East Asia--Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism. These sections also cite sources on Chinese and Confucian understanding of religion, business and economics ethics in Asia, human rights in East Asian contexts, and Asian women's philosophy and theology. Following these sections are geographical sections for China, Japan, and Korea, with subdivisions by religious themes. The bibliography cites a wide variety of Internet resources on East Asian art, geography, history, and culture, with lists of virtual libraries, online electronic journals, Internet discussion groups, etc. An extensive index by author and subject is provided. Faculty and professionals." - CHOICE

Table of Contents

Table of contents (main headings)
Preface; Introduction
· General Works on Philosophy & Religion in Asia: Buddhism; Confucianism; Taoism
· Chinese/Confucian Understanding of Religion
· Business & Economic Ethics in Asia
· Human Rights in the East Asian Context
· Asian Women’s Philosophy & Theology
· Selected Countries of East Asia: China (Jesuit Approach to Evangelization in China; Other Works on China & Roman Catholicism; China & Protestantism; Other Works on China & Christianity, Culture and Philosophy); Japan (Buddhism, Shintoism, Confucianism, Christianity, Other Works on Japanese Culture, Philosophy & Religion); Korea (Buddhism; Christianity; Confucianism; Minjung Theology, Women’s Issues & Feminist Theology, Shamanism, Other Works)
· East Asian Internet Resources (Subject-areas; discussion/news groups; online journals and newsletters; East Asian English-language newspapers; libraries and university web pages, search engines)

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