A Collection of Critical Appreciations


Nominated for the 2012 Americo Paredes Book Award
This collection of essays was inspired or influenced by the seminal work of John Haddox in his 50 years working as a philosopher and activist at the University of Texas, El Paso. The book includes papers in Latin American and Mexican philosophy, philosophy and activism, and Native American thought.


“Haddox’s philosophical starting point is what is local and personal, even though his conclusions are of universal significance. His work functions as an important reminder that it is a mistake to think that the philosophical issues of Latino/Hispanics or Native American are “foreign” or outside of those in the United States. These cultures have always been part of America, though they often remained dormant or at the margins. The areas of research and teaching first opened by Haddox and sustained in this book, and they promote cross-cultural understanding – something we need more and more as we continue our journey in the 2l Century. I congratulate the editors of this book for their fine contributions and commend this book for all in the field of American philosophy, in the broad but forgotten sense of that word.” – Prof. Gregory Fernando Pappas, Texas A & M University

“. . . a useful and informative collection of essays inspired by the work of John Haddox, one of the very first philosophers north of the border to introduce Latin American thought into the philosophy curriculum in the United States and to argue for its inclusion in the philosophical canon. The topics included here range widely from value theory and the philosophy of political activism to existentialism, the history of Mexican philosophy and the philosophical contributions of indigenous peoples — all subjects on which Haddox has made original contributions.”– Prof.Susana Nuccetelli, St. Cloud University

Table of Contents

Foreword by Gregory Fernando Pappas
Introduction by Jules Simon
Preface to selections by John Haddox by Carlos Alberto Sanchez
Part I The Early Years: From Educator to Social Activist
“Teleology in Biology: Haddox on the Basic Principles of the Living World” – John Symons
“From the Desktop of a Religious Existentialist” – Jules Simon
“Jack’s Teaching Ethics; Social, Medical, Personal” – Peter Robinson
“Social Justice and Community Activism” – Frank Lopez
From Vasconcelos of Mexico: Philosopher and Prophet, “Patriot-Educator-Philosopher”
From Antonio Caso: Philosopher from Mexico “A Message for Man and Mexico”
Part II Founding Latin American Philosophy
“Tasks” – Oscar Marti
“From Haddox to Haddox: The Mexican Existential Experiment and Chicano Identity Politics” – Carlos Alberto Sanchezbr> “The Founders and Los fundadores: Haddox and Romanell on the founders of Modern Latin American Philosophy” – Gabriel Comacho
From Vasconcellos of Mexico: Philosopher and Prophet, “Philosopher- Prophet of Mexico”
From Antonio Caso: Philosopher from Mexico, “A Message for Man and for Mexico”
Part III Nurturing Indigenous Roots
“The Power of Flowers: The Philosophy of Organism of the Maya” – Juan Ferret
‘Two Instances of Metaphysics in Latin American Thought” – Elizabeth Pando
“A Native American Theory of Value” – Lee Stauffer
The Nahua Concept of Self-Realization in Pre- Hispanic Mexico – Rafael Jesus Gonzalez
Appendix “Philosophy: for John Haddox” – Rafael Jesus Gonzalez