Schopenhauerian Critique of Nietzsche's Thought Toward a Restoration of Metaphysics

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This study demonstrates that what is positive in Nietzsche's thought was already more clearly expressed in Schopenhauer's philosophy, and what is questionable was already criticized. It also demonstrates the religiosity of Nietzsche's thought, which is a secularized form of certain aspects of Christian theology, which leads to an elevation of psychology over metaphysics, lending support to a trend that has dominated much of twentieth-century thought. The book calls for a diminution in the importance of psychology, and recommends that metaphysics be reestablished in its rightful position by 'starting over' with the philosophy of Schopenhauer.


". . . offers new and thought provoking insights into Nietzsche's thought. Ausmus presents a Nietzsche who saw himself living in a sea of nihilism, characterized by the herd morality and an endless striving for meaning in life. . . . brilliantly exposes the religious nature of Nietzsche's thought. . . Along the way, Ausmus connects Nietzsche's thought with Augustine, Pelagius, Joachim of Flora, and Luther, among many others." - J. Wayne Baker

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