Religious Dimension in the Thought of Giambattista Vico (1668-1744) Volume 2 Language, Law and History

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In this two-volume work, the author argues that the avant-garde features of Giambattista Vico's thought stem directly from his engagement with theological traditions, and his concern to develop a Catholic apologetic. This claim is established through a much more thorough engagement with all Vico's texts than is usual in the secondary literature in English.


"Milbank's subsequent discussion of Vico's legal thinking is the most comprehensive available in English. . . . Milbank offers powerful arguments that Vico's ideas about the relation of law and culture are religiously determined. In addition, he probes Vico's use of Roman law more deeply than others who have written on this subject. For scholars interested in Vico's legal thinking this section of Milbank's book will certainly be the richest." - New Vico Studies

Table of Contents

Volume 2 Language, Law and History
This volume treats all versions of the Scienza Nuova, together with Vico's writings on jurisprudence. Argues for the first time that Vico's account of the Hebrews is crucial for his entire theoretical outlook, and that he fuses a cyclical account of social decline with a reworking of Augustine's 'two cities' employment of history. The book has important implications for current theoretical debates, and will be of interest to philosophers, theologians, cultural theorists, literary critics, and historians of ideas.

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