Four Types of Knowing: Metaphysical, Scientific, Narrative, and Pragmatic. A Meta-Epistemology of Mind

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This book provides a fundamental and integrated framework of human thought, beyond the confines of any particular knowledge discipline or tradition. It serves to highlight the intellectual strengths and limitations of each modality and is therefore useful for comparative purposes.


“…fundamentally an important ethical statement: a treatise against oppression. The dialectic of the One and the many must continue…” -Prof. Dirk Louw

“…original, well written and altogether a fine piece of scholarship by a senior academic…for the serious scholar and thinker.” -Prof. Pieter F. Craffert, University of South Africa

“…promotes the awareness and understanding of a meta-theoretical perspective on the topic of human mind and thought. [The author] systematic and logical investigation of the human mind and thought brings a new perception and perspective to this important and central theme.”- Prof. W. J. Schoeman, University of Johannesburg

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