Creating a Global Dialogue on Value Inquiry. Papers From the XXII World Congress of Philosophy (Rethinking Philosophy Today)

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This work examines the range of work in which value theorists are engaging in the first decade of the twenty-first century. The essays illustrate the ways in which value theorists from different parts of the world draw on an increasingly broad range of intellectual thought, including Chinese, European and African traditions.


“. . . a pleasing discovery for the reader interested in discussions of value in a broad philosophical sense. In drawing together so many different kinds of authors, influences, and issues, the editors have admirably contributed to a cosmopolitan basis for greater understanding in the theory and practice of valuing.” – Prof. Thomas M. Powers, University of Delaware

“This is a bold and provocative collection, and one that shows that the benefits of international engagement and cross-cultural fertilization should not be underplayed. This volume represents an ethical approach from which everyone—philosopher and non-philosopher alike—would be benefited, both intellectually, in securing a fuller understanding of the world, and practically, in living in a world whose problems would thus be better addressed.” – Prof. James Stacey Taylor, The College of New Jersey

Table of Contents

Preface by Thomas Powers
Foreword by James Taylor
Value Theory and Ethics: An Introductory Perspective – Jinfen Yan and David E. Schrader
Part One: Ethical Objectivity
1. Objectivity in Ethics – David E. Schrader
2. Rethinking Philosophers' Responsibility – Lydia B. Amir
3. Historical Understanding and Historical Appraisal – Huang Kaifeng
Part Two: The Present World and Global Problems
4. Ethical Approaches to Global Poverty – G. John M. Abbarno
5. Environmental Stewardship and Moral Choice: Objectivity and Tradition Reconsidered – Ruth Miller Lucier
6. Globalization and Views on Value of East Asia – Sun Weiping
7. The “Moral Incline” In the Process of Chinese Social Transition – Chen Xinhan
8. What is Peace? It’s Value and Necessity – Hortensia Cuéllar
Part Three: Clashing of Ends: Foundational Values
9. Happiness, Harmony, Wisdom and Elegance: A Perspective of Contemporary Eudemonism – Jiang Chang
10. The Dao/Way of Value: Practical Wisdom and Moral Autonomy – Jinfen Yan
11. The Transvaluation of Values in Heidegger, Jaspers and Sartre?Finitude, Homelessness and Guilt – Pio Colonnello
12. Negritude Meets Daoism: Can Yin-Yang Rescue Senghor? – Zekeh S. Gbotokuma
13. Dao Legislates for Humans vs. Humans Legislate for Themselves: A Comparison of Laozi’s and Confucius’ conceptions of Dao – Deron Chen
Part Four: The Value of Gender, Family and Education
14. Rethinking the Origin: Birth and Human Value – Stella Villarmea
15. The Value of the Person: The Value of the Family – Corazón T. Toralba
16. African Philosophy of Sex and the HIV/AIDS Epidemic – Workineh Kelbessa
17. Value and Education in Times of Barbarism – Kátia Mendonça
Part Five: The Value of Poetry: Rhetoric and Narratives
18. Philosophy on Poetry, Philosophy in Poetry – Robin Attfield
19. Beauty/Li and Reason/Li: Philosophical Ideas in the Epic by a Song-Jin Woman – Jinfen Yan

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