Investigations in European Philosophy. A Translation of Heimo Hofmeister’s Philosophisch Denken

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One of the most significant figures in contemporary German philosophy and ethics, Heimo Hofmeister has recently published landmark works in medical ethics and the nature of warfare. A Russian translation of this book has already been published in 2000 and a second edition in German came out at the same time, and is almost sold out. This is the much awaited, first English translation of Dr. Heimo Hofmeister’s groundbreaking work.


“Over the past two decades, Prof. Hofmeister has become one of Germany’s most important new thinkers. With the publication of this translation of his Philosophisch Denken, English-language readers have access to his most comprehensive and systematic work to date. Carrying the majesty of his texture into English is a daunting challenge, and sometimes the goal of keeping all three strands in sight had to give way to the goal of producing readable English.” – (from the Translator’s Preface) David B. Greene, North Carolina State University

“If Heidegger is right that man is the field of, the shepherd of, Being, then Hofmeister shepherds us carefully through the history of the attempt of Being to reveal itself through man’s long search for the real, the ARCHE, the grounding principle. Thereby he offers the English-speaking read a look at the grand philosophical journey of the West from the perspective of Western ontology.” – (from the Commendatory Preface) Dr. Harold Durfee, American University

Table of Contents

Author’s Foreword
Preface by Harold Durfee
Translator’s Foreword
1. The Search for a Foundation of All Knowing and Being
2. Every Beginning Is Doubly Difficult: What Can Be a Fundamental Principle?
3. What Then Is the Situation and Task of Philosophy?
4. The ARCHE as Idea. Explication and First Answer
5. An Alternative to the Arche as Idea: the Atom
6. The Theory of Knowledge and a First Reconsideration, or, Doubt: Whether the Philosophical Path of Thought Is Correct
7. Fundamental Concepts of Ontology
8. The Destruction of Ontological Thinking
9. Is Philosophy Metaphysics?
10. The Discovery of the I as Fundamental Principle: Can the I Be Arche?
11. Beginning of the Modern Theory of Knowledge
12. Theory of Knowledge as Transcendental Ontology
13. The Transformation of the Concept of Substance
14. Logic and Truth
15. Synthetic and Analytic Judgment
16. Philosophy as Dialectic
17. Post-Hegelian Theory of Knowledge
18. Theory of Science
19. Phenomenology and Existential Ontology
20. To Philosophize on the Theme of Language
21. Freedom and Responsibility
22. What Should I Do?
23. The Categorical Imperative
24. The Human as a Philosophical Problem
25. History and the Present
26. Religion
27. Closing: The Lost Foundation of All Knowing and All Being
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Index of Names
Subject Index

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