Integrated Psychological and Philosophical Approach to Justice Equity and Desert

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The first part of this volume critically reviews modern philosophical approaches to justice, charts the rise and fall of equity theory in psychology, and describes the conceptual turmoil that has resulted since its decline. The second part of the book argues that by combining the results of modern psychological research into justice and sociobiology with our knowledge of the ancient philosophical traditions of justice, and tracing some of the historical development of these traditions, it is possible to define fundamental, unifying, core principles of justice, and to gain a unique insight into the roots of problems that now confront theorists and researchers. It is not only a unique treatise on the nature of justice, it also serves as a valuable integrated interdisciplinary reference source in an otherwise fragmented area.

Table of Contents

Table of contents (main headings):
Foreword; Preface by Elaine Hatfield
1. Defining justice
2. Liberty, rights and equality
3. The problem of punishment
4. Agreement, impartiality, and equal resources
5. The philosophy of desert
6. The rise of equity
7. Motives and multiprinciples
8. Responsibility, morality and punishment
9. Bargaining; just procedures, allocation preferences, and the aftermath of equity
10. Interdiciplinary chaos?
11. The historical origins of desert: Plato and the principle of geometric equality
12. Aristotle’s justice: the mathematics of desert
13. Defining perfect equity
14. ‘An eye for an eye’: reciprocity and just punishment
15. Equity, choice and responsibility; the foundations of ‘Equity as Desert’
16. Equity, equality and need
17. Stoicism; Christianity and the Scholastics
18. The Age of Enlightenment: desert, contract and rights
19. Utilitarianism, egalitarianism and communism
20. The fragmentation and survival of desert
21. Modern philosophical views reconsidered
22. The psychology of justice reconsidered
23. The evolutionary origins of justice
Bibliography, Indices

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