Schopenhauer, Women’s Literature and the Legacy of Pessimism in the Novels of George Eliot, Olive Schreiner, Virginia Woolf and Doris Lessing

Author: LeFew-Blake, Penelope
Eliot, Schreiner, Woolf, and Lessing are among the women writers of the British tradition whose work reveals a debt to Schopenhauer’s theory of the will and his aesthetic concepts.

Table of Contents

Table of contents (main headings):
Preface; Introduction
1. Part One: George Eliot’s Middlemarch – A Schopenhauerian Shadowplay. Part Two: George Eliot’s Daniel Deronda – A Study in Schopenhauerian Morality
2. “A Striving and a Striving”: Schopenhauerian Pessimism in Olive Schreiner’s The Story of an African Farm and From Man to Man
3. Virginia Woolf, Bloomsbury Aesthetics, and Schopenhauer
4. Part One: Doris Lessing’s Children of Violence – The Schopenhauerian Education of Martha Quest. Part Two: Doris Lessing’s The Fifth Child – The Will Personified
Conclusion; Bibliography; Index