Interpreting Euripedes's Medea from Aristotelian and Nietzschean Perspectives: A Comparative Literary Criticism

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From the authors' introduction: "Among the many losses which followed the philosophical domination of Plato and Aristotle, one is central to this introduction. Until Nietzsche, serious thought has been associated with, often defined as, systematic thought in prose. As a result, the profound moral and political insights embedded in poetry and tragedy have been neglected or relegated to imaginative speculation. ...In this book we try to extrude some of Euripedes's moral and political thought from Medea. ...[T]his great masterpiece has not been understood as completely as might be expected of a play so famous and so thoroughly examined over the last twenty-five hundred years."

Table of Contents

I. Rosy-Fingered Dawn: Normative Thinking and Tragedy
II. In Search of Hector: Medea and the Tragic Polis
III. Nietzsche and Euripides: Unnatural Enemies
IV. Through a Glass Darkly: Medea as a Reluctant Goddess
V. An Enviable Life: Medea and the Sexual Politics of Athens
VI. In Harm's Way: Medea and the Nature of Athenian Hoplite Democracy
VII. Between Two Realms: Justice and Moral Obligation in Medea
VIII. Light in a Double Mirror: Aristotle and the Politics of Tragedy

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