Collapse of Philosophy and Its Rebirth

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This monograph can be called a forensic study of the lethal effects of the First World War on the European cultural tradition. Philosophy was considered as the foundation of that tradition. The monograph describes this metamorphosis taking as the case study of the problem of the individual, this “nucleus of genuinely German thought” (Troeltsch). The monograph contains a critical analysis of the problem of the individual as it was treated in the 1900s by the pure phenomenology of Edmund Husserl and the transcendental axiology of Heinrich Rickert. Mikhail Bakhtin creates a new approach to the problem of the individual bringing together and transforming the ideas of Marx and Stirner, Lotze and Nietzsche, Simmel and Windelband, William James and Max Weber. The present study may be the first step to demonstrate the potential of Bakhtin’s early work which remains largely undiscovered.


“ ... provides the necessary background on an entire branch of Bakhtin Studies ... Much energy has gone into ‘exposing’ Bakhin’s debts (mostly uncredited) to German thinkers from Max Scheler to Ernst Cassirer, and this book reveals other many vital connections.” –(From the Foreword) Professor Caryl Emerson, Princeton University

“ ... this book is a must read for any Bakhtin scholar who wishes to understand the sources and origins of Bakhtin’s crucial contribution into the humanities of the 20th century. It will also be a revelation for those historians of ideas that cannot pass by the phenomenon of the Russian-German intellectual symbiosis in the period before, during and after World War One ...” –Professor Mikhail N. Epstein, Emory University

Table of Contents

Foreword by Caryl Emerson; Acknowledgements
A Note on Transliteration and the Use of Capital Letters; A Note on References
1. Introduction: The Scene
2. Phenomenology as the Descriptive Study of Mental Phenomena
3. The Contingency of the Individual (Husserl)
4. Constitution of the World by Pure Consciousness (Husserl)
5. Reason Sensitive to Value (Rickert)
6. The Reinstatement of the Value of the Individual (Rickert)
7. The World in Ruins: The Supra-Individual Against the Individual
8. First Philosophy as Philosophy of Individual Postupok
9. First Philosophy as Moral Phenomenology
10. First Philosophy as a Teaching About the Ultimate Context (Being-Event)
11. Responsibility as the Attitude of Participation in Being-Event
12. Only-ness as the Category of Phenomenological Description
13. The Questions to Der Einzige
14. Moral Solipsism as the Imperative of my Only-ness: The Contraposition of ‘I’ and ‘The Other’
15. In Place of a Conclusion: A Post-History Appendix 1: The Russian Translations of Foreign Authors (A Selection)
Appendix 2: Key to the Pagination of the Russian Originals and the Existing English Translations of Bakhtin’s Texts
Bibliography: Primary Sources; Bibliography: Secondary Works, Articles and Other Sources
Analytical Subject Index; Index of Authors

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