How Jewish Mystical Thinking Shaped Early Modern Europe

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This collection of essays explains the Hebrew influence upon European culture especially the impact of Kabbalah.


“Yona Dureau’s book has opened for the public a panoramic view of the cultural influences of Kabbalah in Europe through the ages. Whereas Jewish culture has often been thought to be secluded and remote, this book reveals the extraordinary exchanges that have consistently contributed to intellectual creation and have imprinted major trends of thought.”
-Professor Monique Vénuat,
Département d?anglais,
Université Clermont-Ferrand

“Yona Dureau deserves a great deal of credit for putting together such an interesting group of essays, all of which deal in one way or another with the relationships between Judaism and Christendom or between Jews and Christians. ..The clear aim of this volume is to achieve an understanding of the pervasive yet mysterious relationship between that vast culture called “European,” the rather small Jewish minority and (most importantly) its deep religious manifestations that are sometimes called “Kabbalah.”
-Professor Andrew Gluck,
Columbia University

Table of Contents

Foreword by Andrew Cluck
David Howlett
Kabbalistical and Hebraic Writing Techniques in Anglo-Saxon Early Texts and Artifacts
Anna Caiozzo-Roussel
The Kabbalistical Origins of Saint George and Its iconic Metamorphoses in Islamic Art
Joseph Dan
The Concept of Harmonia Mundi Shared by Humanists and Kabbalists
Sandra Debenedetti Stow
Abraham Aboulafia’s Impact on Arts of Memory and European Culture
Ruth Reichelberg
In Memoriam: Don Quixote and Kabbalah Translation by Véronica Dupuy
Christine Escarmant
Rabelais and the Midrash or Writing with Kabbalistical Tools
Yona Dureau
Venice as Europe’s Gate to Kabbalistical Knowledge
Asher Salah
Cazanova and Kabbalah
Annie Kessous-Dreyfus
From Benedetto Marcello’s Psalm to a Jewish melody by Charles Valentine Alkan

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