Reevaluating the Achievement of Aphra Behn (1640-1689): The Collected French and English Essays in Literary Criticism by Bernard Dhuicq

Author: Dhuicq, Bernard
Dureau, Yona
This collection discusses the literary and social of achievements of Aphra Behn (1640-1689), considered to be the first female writer of English literature. It is also a collection of articles, written in both English and French, of Aphra Behn scholar Bernard Dhuicq.


"Aphra Behn (1640-1689) was the first female writer in English Literature. Professor Bernard Dhuicq (1933-2013) was one of Behn's greatest admirers. He was also the first scholar to promote intensive studies of her writings in France. Professor Dhuicq established Aphra behn Europe, a society who purpose is to advance scholarly research into the life, politics, religion, and literary achievement of Aphra Behn. Professor Dhuicq authored and published over fifty major articles about, and translations of, Aphra Behn's work. This book gathers and arranges all of the major articles written by Bernard Dhuicq that deal with Aphra Behn."

Table of Contents

Preface de Madame le Professeur Guyonne Leduc

I. L'humanisme et la modernite d'Aphra Behn

1. La modernite d'Aphra Behn

Preface a Oronoko la laplace
Vie, formes et lumiere dans l'oevre d'Aphra Behn
Le Baroque dans deux oeuvres d'Aphra Behn: Love Letters et Oroonoko

2. Le refus de la violence physique

Violence physique et violence morale dans
The Fair Jilt (1688) d'Aphra Behn

3. Aphra Behn anthropologue et humaniste

Oroonoko: La recontre de trois mondes
Oroonoko: fiction and reality. Further evidence of Aphra Behn's Stay in Surinam
Preface a Biyi Bandele

II. Aphra Behn et les Institutions du Pouvoir

1. Aphra Behn auteure politique

Aphra Behn et la realite politique: orthodoxie et dissidence
Aphra Behn: Du regicide a la Glorieuse Revolution
French events in Aphra Behn's works: Implications and Inferences
A new Assessment of Aphra Behn's Oroonoko
'Landed Gentry' et 'Merchants' dans le theatre d'Aphra Behn

2. Aphra Behn, la pensee religieuse et les institutions religieuses

Religion in Aphra Behn's Works: Representation and Misrepresentation
Survival of Millenerian Themes in Aphra Behn's Works

3. Aphra Behn Feminist

Aphra Behn et le feminisme a la fin du XVIIe siecle
Aphra Behn: au-dela de l'erotisme
Ecriture et savoir facteurs d'emancipation et de progres: Aphra Behn

III. Aphra Behn et la Litterature

1. Aphra Behn Traductrice

Du desir et de la seduction au discours amoureux: Aphra Behn, la traductrice en bergere passionee
Retour sur les traductions d'Aphra Behn: sa contribution au palimpsested'Ines de Castro
Aphra Behn: Theorie et Pratique de la Traduction au XVIIe siecle
Introduction a la traduction par Aphra Behn des Maximes de La Rochefoucauld

2. Aphra Behn Romanciere

Aphra Behn ecrivain professionnel: du plagiat aux driots de auteur
Pluralities and Plural Voices in Aphra Behn's Oroonoko

3. Aphra Behn ecrivaine de son temps

De la realite a l'illusion: reception des 'Novels' d'Aphra Behn
Oroonoko: experience et creation
Aphra Behn's Contribution to the Rise of the "Short Story'
Preface aux Love letters between a Nobleman and His Sister (Part I 1684, Part II 1685, Part III, 1687) d'Aphra Behn