Artistry of Political Literature Essays on War, Commitment and Criticism

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These nineteen essays take a comparative approach, dealing with committed texts as literary works of art. Spanning three decades, they also contain theoretical reflections on the conditions of committed writing and on approaches and methods appropriate to their study by literary critics. Some are broadly theoretical, some offer surveys of larger areas, but most study a few significant texts, demonstrating ways in which literature that offers things besides aesthetic enjoyment may be fruitfully analyzed and appraised.


"Holger Klein ranges across English, French and German literature (with a predilection in this particular case for prose fiction) with an ease and erudition which can only impress. . . . this is an impressive and instructive collection. . . . his willingness to examine the problems raised by committed and historical writing from so many different angles does point in a most fruitful way to the complexity and continuing interest of the subject." - John Flower

". . . it can be taken as a theoretical and methodological guideline of how war literature and committed literature in general could and should be investigated and it demonstrates to what extent in most cases reliable results can be achieved." - Dr. Thomas F. Schneider

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