Shakespeare in Japan

Essays covers topics such as early Shakespeare scholarship in Japan, the Shakespeare Society of Japan amd memories of 40 years' teaching Shakespeare in Japan.

Table of Contents

A century of Shakespeare in Japan - a brief historical survey, Tetsuo Anzai; early Shakespeare scholariship in Japan - the formative years, Noriko Summimoto; the Shakespeare society of Japan, Yui Kaneko; the Japanese character as mirrored in Shakespeare's guest tragedies, Goro Suzuki; the symbolism of the cave in Shakespeare's "The Tempest" from Europe to Japan, Masaaki Imanishi; Japanese Noh drama and "King Lear", Soji Iwasaki; "Yuzuru" and "Othello" - Shakespeare's inspiration in Kinoshita's "Yuzuru", Norikl Ishizuka; the remarkable licence - Shakespeare on the recent Japanese stage, Michiko Suematsu; the Kabuki version of "Hamlet" - "Hamlet yamamoto no nishikie", Izumi Kadono; the new Japanese "Hamlet", Yoshiaki Sugiki; the originality of Kurosawa's "Throne of Blood", Hiroshi Yamamato; Japanese "Titus" plays in the Baroque Age, Masahiro Takenaka; the reconstruction of Shakespeare's Globe and Japan, Yoshio Arai; Tsubouchi Shoyo's translation of "Hamlet", David Rycroft; Memories of 40 years teaching Shakespeare in Japan, Peter Milward. Other contributions: Shakespeare in Almagro, Jose Manuel Gonzalez; Tongue-tied women and embarreassed men in "Much Ado about Nothing" and "The Winter's Tale", Lori Schroeder Haslem; "Helen's crime" or "Golden love"? - a study of theinfluence of Ovid's Amores on the plays of Marlowe and Shakespeare, Richard wilmott; sins of ommission and coveted honour - the absent archers in "Henry V", Randall Martin. Reviews: David Cressy "Birth, marriage and death - ritual, religion and the life-cycle in Tudor and Stuart England", Carol Rawcliffe; Irene G. Dash "Women's worlds in Shakespeare's plays", Clare Walsh, G. Harold Metz "Shakespeare's earliest tragedy - studies in "Titus Andronicus", Madeleine Forey; William Shakespeare. "The Merry Wives of Windsor" ed. David Crane, Anthony Gash; William Shakespeare "The Winter's Tales" ed. Stephen Orgel, Jeffery Kahan; William Shakespeare "Hamlet" directed by Neville Jason, Gyorgy E. Szonyi; Shakespeare's glove rebuilt ed. J.R. Mulryne and Maragret Shrewing, Christopher Smith.

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