Christian Cabbalah Movement in Renaissance England and Its Influence on William Shakespeare

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Demonstrates not only how the general situation in Europe, particularly in the Elizabethan government, offered a favorable context for the development of Christian Cabbalah in England, but how the movement informed the work of Shakespeare.

It is unique to existing texts in that it stresses the importance of the Christian Cabbalah by singling it out as a distinctive intellectual movement, rather than unite it with other philosophical trends such as Neo-platonism, Jewish Cabbalah, or Rosecrucian theory. This book contains nine black and white photographs.


“. . . Dureau demonstrates that a number of riddles in Richard III, Julius Caesar, As Your Like It and Twelfth Night are either Hebrew puns or coded cabbalist messages, while Richard III and Julius Caesar are constructed on spiral-shaped time structures Antony and Cleopatra, Twelfth Night, and Richard II are developed on central cabbalistic themes, such as the theme of Hercules, the theory of death by the divine kiss, or the theme of the mirror. . . . very well-documented and evidences a very thorough knowledge of the period; her demonstrations are brilliant and, for all its depth and scholarship, the book reads like an exciting novel.” – Prof. Danièle Frison, University of Paris Ouest Nanterre-La Défense

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
1. Favorable Circumstances for the Development of Christian Cabbalah in England
2. Translators of Christian and Jewish Cabbalah and their Relationship to Writing and Writers
3. The Impossible Quest for Lost Shakespeare
4. The Metaphysics of Prophecies and Free Will in Richard III
5. Julius Caesar: Representations of History and the Talmudic Combination of Divine and Human Time
6. As You Like It as a Kabbalist Teaching on the Impact of Sacred Study
7. Antony and Cleopatra and Christian Cabbalah’s Hercules
8. Richard II, the Cabalistic Loss of the Crown and the Rise of the Antichrist, or the Failure of the Way of Milderness and the Forecast of the Way of Severity
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