Christian Catechetical Texts (3 Book Set)

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This multi-volume collection of catechisms illustrates the variety of methods used in Judeo-Christian religious education through the centuries and allows a cross-denominational and historical comparison of teachings.


“…much stimulation to reflection on the issues of Christian instruction, not only in the past but in our own time.” -Prof. Eugene TeSelle, Vanderbilt University

"These volumes are a fine collection of Christian catehetical texts since the late medieval era. ... This collection will be a fine addition to a college or seminary library. Paging through it leads one to reflect on the challenges of educating inquirers, youth, and adults in the basics of the Christian faith in each particular place and time." -Prof. Mary Jane Haeming, Luther Seminary

Table of Contents

Volume I: Medieval and Reformation, 1357-1579


Foreword by Professor Eugene TeSelle


The Lay Folks' Catechism (1357)
Jean Gerson, ABCs des Simples Gens (c. 1401)
John Colet, Catechyzon (c. 1510)
Catechism of the Bohemian Brethren (1523)
Martin Luther, The Small Catechism (1529)
John Calvin, Geneva Catechism (1541)
Francis Xavier, S.J., Method of Catechizing the Ignorant (1545)
Peter Canisius, S.J., Large Catechism or Summary of Christian Doctrine (1555/1571)
Edmund Auger, S.J., Catholic Instruction of Christian Youth (1563)
Zacharias Ursinius, Heidelberg Catechism (1563)
Alexander Nowell, A Catechism, or First Instruction and Learning of Christian Religion (1570)
Robert Bellarmine, A Brief Christian Doctrine to be Learned by Heart (1597)

Volume II: Orthodoxy and Pietism, 1618-1778

Jeromino de Ripalda, S.J., Catechism of Christian Doctrine (1618)
John Cotton, Spiritual Milk for Boston Babes (1646)
Westminster Assembly, Westminster Shorter Catechism (1648)
Henry Jessey, A Catechism for Babes or, Little Ones (1652)
Catechism of the Book of Common Prayer (1662 ed.)
Claude Fleury, Historical Catechism (1683)
Erik Pontoppidan, Sandhed til Gudfrytighed (Truth unto Godliness) (1737)
John Wesley, Instructions for Children (1745)
James Butler II, A Catechism for the Instruction of Children {Mil)
The Elbing-Waldeck Catechism (1778)

Volume III: Modern and Missionary, 1790-1908

Dorothy Kilner, The First Principles of Religion (1790)
A Mazahua Picture Catechism (c. 1791)
Frederick Henry Quitman, The Evangelical Catechism (1814)
William Capers, Catechism for Little Children (1833) and Catechism For the Use of the Methodist Missions, and Infant Classes in Sunday-Schools, Third Edition (1853)
Isaac Leeser, Catechism for Jewish Children (1839)
Brief Catechism of the Russian Primer (1845)
New York Yearly Meeting of The Religious Society of Friends, A Catechism Designed for the Use of the Schools and Families of the Religious Society of Friends (1847)
Catechism of The Methodist-Episcopal Church, Number 3 (1852)
Protestant Episcopal Church in the Confederate States of America, A Catechism to Be Taught Orally To Those Who Cannot Read; Designed Especially for the Instruction of the Slaves (1862)
Albert Lacombe, A Pictorial Ladder Catechism (1872)
Third Plenary Council of Baltimore, Baltimore Catechism No. 2 (1885)
John A. Broadus, A Catechism of Bible Teaching (1892)
Charles Fletcher Dole, A Catechism of Liberal Faith (1895)
Catherine Agelasto, A Catechism of the Orthodox Eastern Church (1908)

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