Foundational Problems in Philosophy: Politics, Ethics, Aesthetics, and Religion by Arthur Ritchie Lord

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These volumes collect and introduce the major writings of the British/South African philosopher Arthur Ritchie Lord (1880-1941). Regarded as one of the finest minds in South African philosophy in the early twentieth century, Lord nevertheless published little during his lifetime part from his The Principles of Politics (1921) and a few short essays. The editors of these volumes bring together not only Lord’s published work, but almost all of his previously-unpublished lectures and essays.


“ ...these essays deserve to find a place among the writings of the British idealists, and to be read not only out of antiquarian interest, but because they have something to say about issues that remain as contentious now as they were then.” – Professor David Boucher, Cardiff University

Table of Contents

Prefatory Remarks
1. Freedom
2. The Problem of Modern Democracy
3. The Methods of Ethical Speculation
4. Lectures on the Principles of Aesthetic Judgment
5. Six Addresses Introductory to the Study of the Philosophy of Religion
6. The History of History and Its Corollaries
7. Notes upon some Leagues and Federations with the Roman Empire
8. Phenomenalism and Idealism
9. Education and the Community

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