The History of Philosophy From Descartes to Hegel by Arthur Ritchie Lord

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These volumes collect and introduce the major writings of the British/South African philosopher Arthur Ritchie Lord (1880-1941). Regarded as one of the finest minds in South African philosophy in the early twentieth century, Lord nevertheless published little during his lifetime part from his The Principles of Politics (1921) and a few short essays. The editors of these volumes bring together not only Lord’s published work, but almost all of his previously-unpublished lectures and essays.

This work provides a survey of philosophy from Descartes to Hegel, found in unpublished manuscripts of the British/South African philosopher Arthur Ritchie Lord.


“ ... While these lectures would be considered today as dealing with metaphysics and epistemology, for Lord this was the genuine logic – not the (traditional) formal logic which (Errol Harris reports) Lord treated with contempt … in the spirit of Hegel, Lord considered logic proper as at once theory of knowledge and metaphysics, and he refused to treat the two as separate subjects or even as separate branches of the main discipline.” – from the Foreword

Table of Contents

Foreword: Lord, Logic, and the History of Philosophy by William Sweet and Errol E. Harris
1. Introduction and Descartes
2. Spinoza
3. John Locke, and the Beginnings of Empiricism
4. Berkeley and Hume: the skeptical conclusion
5. Kant
6. Hegel: Introduction to the Philosophy of Hegel

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