Reprint Edition of the Principles of Politics by Arthur Ritchie Lord Together with a Critical Assessment

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These volumes collect and introduce the major writings of the British/South African philosopher Arthur Ritchie Lord (1880-1941). Regarded as one of the finest minds in South African philosophy in the early twentieth century, Lord nevertheless published little during his lifetime part from his The Principles of Politics (1921) and a few short essays. The editors of these volumes bring together not only Lord’s published work, but almost all of his previously-unpublished lectures and essays.


“ ... The Principles of Politics is, arguably, the most substantial, ‘orthodox’ text in political philosophy of the third generation of British idealism. While … not a last word, it advances the discussion, and makes an important statement of early twentieth century idealist political thought.” – From the Foreword

Table of Contents

The Principles of Politics by Arthur R. Lord
1. Introduction
2. The Original Contract
3. Sovereignty (I): Hobbes’ Doctrine and the Juristic View
4. Sovereignty (II): Locke, Montesquieu and the Historical View
5. Sovereignty (III): The Sovereignty of the People, Rousseau and the Philosophical View
6. Democracy and Representation
7. The Notion of Law
8. The Theory of Rights: Individualism
9. The Theory of Rights: Natural Rights
10. The Theory of Rights: Civil and Political Rights
11. Conclusions

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