Philosophy of Robert Holcot, Fourteenth Century Skeptic

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From 1300 to 1520 perhaps the most pervasive of philosophical and theological doctrines dealt with the applications of the notion of divine absolute power. Robert Holcot applied this notion to every aspect of his thought: secondary causality, divine foreknowledge, revelation, predestination, moral law, grace, merit, beatitude, and the Incarnation. The final chapters show the extent of Holcot's influence and attack his whole enterprise. An appendix transcribes seven of Holcot's quodlibetal questions, which are used to supplement the study of his printed works.


". . . the book is well-written with abundant documentation. In my opinion, it merits inclusion in the contemporary debate about 14th century absolutism." -- John F.X. Knasas, in American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly

"It will help the scholar who has an interest in the intellectual history of this period, but it will also be a useful book for undergraduates, for Kennedy's very clear text could serve as an introduction to the intellectual climate of the fourteenth century." - Steven Baldner

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