American Women Philosophers, 1650-1930: Six Exemplary Thinkers

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This text introduces six American women (Anne Bradstreet, Mercy Otis Warren, Mary Whiton Calkins, Judith Sargent Murray, Frances Wright, and Ednah Dow Cheney), and discusses their works as philosophy. This anthology presents a number of works never reprinted and difficult to locate. The works are of interdisciplinary interest: philosophy, feminist philosophy, women's studies, political science, and history.


"Dykeman unearths the representative works of six women from the 17th to the 20th century, displaying the power and breadth of their philosophical perspicuity by setting them within the larger contemporary philosophical scene. . . . It makes a significant contribution toward raising consciousness and invites students, teachers, and researchers to reflect on the long history of gender prejudice in philosophy. Recommended for all college and university libraries." -- Choice

"As a result of the material included here, I will certainly use her discussions of both feminism and enlightenment attitudes as resources for the courses I teach. Dykeman has organized the book to provide a good deal of reference material in addition to the selections offered. In addition to a general introduction, bibliographies and an index, she has included chronologies, biographical essays for each figure, general analyses and assessments for each figure, and specific introductions to each text chosen. . . . Dykeman has made an extraordinarily valuable contribution to both feminism and traditional American philosophy with this work." - Transactions of the C.S. Peirce Society

"...Professor Dykeman has retrieved from philosophical oblivion a truly exemplary and richly diverse group of authors. . . . The selections from each of the authors are well-chosen, substantial and unabridged. They are supported by illuminating introductory commentary and thorough background materials, including portraits of the philosophers, individual and general bibliographies, and a useful index. . . . it enriches the heritage and suggests new avenues of research for women's studies. I can recommend it strongly for acquisition for public and college libraries, for scholars in American and feminist philosophy, and for their students." -- Helen J. John, S.N.D.

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