Thoughts Upon Slavery (1774) by John Wesley With an Essay on The Development of Anti-Slavery Sentiment by Samuel J. Rogal

Dr. Rogal combines a thoughtful essay on the development of Abolitionist thought in seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and John Wesley's own thoughts on the issue of slavery in 1774.


"John Wesley's involvement with the issue of slavery focuses upon two considerations: (1) his concern over the existence of the slave trade as it effected the thoughts and practice of the British government and British commercial interests ; and (2) the practice of slavery throughout various parts of the world - particularly in the British colonies. The full text of John Wesley's Thoughts upon Slavery, with background notes, biographical and historical, by the editor provide the full range of Wesley's emotional but limited contribution to eighteenth-century debate on slavery and the African Slave trade."
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Table of Contents


Prefatory Note

1. John Wesley and the Issues of Slavery and the Slave Trade

2. John Wesley's Thoughts upon Slavery (1774): The Text

3. Concluding Thoughts: Liberty, Freedom, Equality

4. Sources of Works Cited and Consulted

5. General Index

6. Index of Scriptural References