John Wesley's Book Stock and the Arminian Magazine Catalogue of 1789

This study is an attempt to place John and Charles Wesley and their Methodist organization within the general context of the eighteenth century book trade in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and parts of British North America. John Wesley proposed to spread his evangelical message through the sale and distribution of books and depended on the income of those books to allow for the mission’s operation and conduct. The Book Stock fulfilled these two objectives, albeit with personal and organizational difficulties. The Arminian Magazine “Catalogue” of 1789, the subject of this study, helps demonstrate and define Wesley’s role as an eighteenth century publisher.


“ ... the specifics relative to the Methodist book stock, as well as the substance of its catalogue, become important as contributors to providing the overall record of the life and times of John Wesley and to detailing the history of eighteenth-century Methodism.” – Excerpt from the First Chapter

Table of Contents

1. Prefatory Note
2. John Wesley and the Methodist Book Stock
3. Carrying Forth the Scheme
4. The Book Stewards
5. The Selling of Books
6. Printers and Booksellers
7. The Arminian Magazine Catalogue of 1789
8. Conclusions
9. List of Works Cited and Consulted
10. Index