John Wesley in Ireland, 1747-1789 Vol. 2

John Wesley's forty-three-year mission to Ireland has been inscribed, permanently and significantly, into the history of religion among the Irish, both in Ireland and North America. He converted some 14,000 Irish to Methodism. Many of those immigrated to North America between 1760 and 1775, extending Wesley's influence throughout colonial America.


"John Wesley's Journal is one of the great classics of Christian literature. Unfortunately, the fact that it is only available in four or eight volume editions tends to discourage the Methodist pilgrim from carrying it along to follow in Wesley's footsteps. . . . Samuel J. Rogal has performed another service for us. Mr. Rogal has abstracted all the Irish references from the Journal, the Diaries, the Sermon Register, and the Letters of Mr. Wesley. He has brought them together according to locality, grouping in a single article all references to any one town, village or rural area. It is a very considerable achievement, and makes it a simple matter to study all that Wesley said about each place. For each major locality there is a brief introduction, culled from a number of guidebooks." -- Methodist History