The 1783 Shipwreck of the Antelope in the Western Pacific. The Journal of Captain Henry Wilson / A Neglected Event in British Maritime History

Author: Rogal, Samuel J.
This is a new edition of the account of the shipwreck of the British East India Company Antelope that was written by Captain Henry Wilson and Editor George Keate brings to attention of modern readers a detailed record of life among a remote and so-called "uncivilized" people. It details the attempt of Pelew natives to comprehend the thoughts and view the practices of a group of young, sea-faring men who represent the so-called "enlightened " part of the world.


"... the abbreviated 131-page edition of Wilson's Account that comprises this present volume provides the opportunity --- perhaps the only opportunity --- to examine a small part of the eighteenth-century world --- a speck on the map if you will. ... its focus upon a native population rarely viewed upon a printed page; its language, its daily habits, its customs, its beliefs, its beliefs, its structure of government."

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. The Editor: George Keate

3. John Wesley: Thoughts and Reactions

4. An Account of the Pelew Islands

5. Appendix: The First Part of John Wesley's "Extract"

6. Works Cited and Consulted