Essays on John Wesley and His Contemporaries

Work is comprised of eleven previously unpublished essays that have arisen primarily from the writer’s more than four decades of study of the social and literary histories of eighteenth-century Britain. The problems and issues collected in this work are indeed a miscellany of thought, as they range widely and feed on variety. The final piece in this work, a critical survey of various aspects of eighteenth-century literature by Someset Maugham, allows today’s reader to observe the literature of the eighteenth century from a distance.


“ ... the subjects of these [eleven essays] help to underscore the mosaic quality of the eighteenth century insofar as it continues to gnaw at and feed upon the imaginations of scholars long after the chronological curtains have been drawn upon the stage of that particular historical era ..." - From the Introduction

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Up or Down the Garden Path? The Wesleys and Beata Hawkins
3. Charles Wesley, Ill-Equipped Itinerant? Strong Spirit vs. Weak Constitution
4. Mainly a Matter of Motive: The Stumbles and Falls of Laetitia Van Lewen Pilkington
5. A Gentleman of Denmark Translates Pope
6. Joseph Trapp among the Methodists and the Pamphlet War of 1739-1741: A Bibliographical Essay
7. Methodism on the Stage and in the Wings: Actors and Critics
8. The Boswells: Glasite and Church of England Varieties
9. Boswell’s Life of Johnson Illustrated
10. Abel Stevens, Peter Cartwright, and the Nineteenth-Century Methodist Narrative
11. The Hymn: Examining Editorial Definitions
12. W. Somerset Maugham Searches the Eighteenth Century
13. Works Cited
14. Index