Music and Poetry of the Church's One Foundation (1866): A Sung Prayer of the Christian Tradition

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“The Church’s One Foundation” established itself, early and firmly, among those nineteenth-century English hymns known for their poetic excellence. Thus, the piece not only “sings” well, it reads well.
History of Christian Hymnody Volume 14


From the Author
History of Christian Hymnody Volume 14
Since the publication of Samuel John Stone’s “The Church’s One Foundation” in 1866, this hymn has maintained its high level of acceptance among Protestant congregations through to the present age. Although based upon specific issues relative to problems besetting the Church of England in the mid-nineteenth century, the hymn has transcended its history and has proven applicable and acceptable to and for those worshipers committed to the Christian Church and anchored firmly to its Biblical origin and its spiritual traditions.

Table of Contents

1. The Texts
2. Introduction to the Hymn
3. The Text as Poetry
4. The Text as Congregational Hymnody, in Hymn Book and Hymnal
5. Samuel John Stone (1839-1900)
6. Samuel John Stone Beyond “The Church’s One Foundation”
7. The Hymn Tunes and Their Composers
8. Critical Reactions
9. List of Works Cited and Consulted

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