Volume 1: 1904-1916

Author: Rogal, Samuel
This Seven Volume work makes available for the first time a full collection of all the short stories written by novelist, playwright and author, Sinclair Lewis (1885 - 1951). While Lewis’s novels are generally accessible, his short stories have existed only in bound and unbound pieces scattered throughout the book collections of university and public libraries, along with historical societies and private owners. Now they are together in one set, allowing individuals to read the entire corpus and chart the development of the author across the pages of his works. This volume contains the complete short stories of Sinclair Lewis written between January 1904 and January 1916.


“These volumes mark the first effort to collect the full range of short stories written by Sinclair Lewis (b. 7 February 1885 - d. 10 January 1951). The so-called ‘range,’ a period covering four and one-half decades, begins with three pieces published in the Yale Courant in 1904 ... proceeds throughout the World War I years ... continues throughout he eve of the Great Depression ... and comes to a quiet, non-dramatic rest upon the piece in Holiday in May 1949. The purpose behind and the focus of this collection has gone forward on the simple notion on the part of the compiler that one ought to have the opportunity to observe the progress and development of a writer from the morning to the dark night of his or her literary career.” - Samuel Rogal (from the Introduction)

Table of Contents

The Coward Minstrel
Father Ambrosial
The Royal Glamour
Concerning Psychology
A Miracle Forsooth
The Yellow Streak
An Elementary Course in Erotics
The Loneliness of Theodore
The Heart of Pope Innocent
A Theory of Values
That Passage in Isaiah
Art and the Woman
Extracts from a Club Woman's Diary
The Affinings of an Affinitist
Wailing and Fixing of Teeth
The Butt
That Human Interest Story
They That Take the Sword
The Smile Lady
"Irish Chink” Frightens Off Burglars and Saves Block
The City Shadow
The Dawn
A Promising Young Man
The Way to Rome
Captains of Peace
Loki the Red
Scented Spring and the G.P.
Nature, Inc.
Commutation: $9.17
The Other Side of the House
If I Were Boss