Commentary, Notes, and Introductions to the 1858 Sabbath Hymn Book: The Musicalized Theology of Popular Belief Just Before the Civil War Volume Four

Author: Rogal, Samuel

Awarded the Adele Mellen Prize for Distinguished Contribution to Scholarship
The 1858 Sabbath Hymn Book stands as an important and significant historical product of nineteenth-century American hymnody, as well as a by-product of nineteenth-century American Protestant culture, that, outside of the boundaries marked off by a small number of specialists in the field, lies practically forgotten.


“. . . [The Sabbath Hymn Book] demonstrates the existence of the tensions within American congregational song, a competition, of sorts, between the influences of the “classical” hymnodists from outside the United States–the likes of Isaac Watts, Philip Doddridge, Charles Wesley, Reginald Heber, James Montgomery, John Keble, et al–and the attempts by native American hymnodists to anchor their congregational hymnody to the theological needs and liturgical interests of American worshipers.” – Dr. Samuel Rogal, Illinois Valley Community College

Table of Contents

Index of Passages of the Scriptures
Index of First Lines of Hymns
Index of First Lines and Stanzas
Index of Authors and Translators
General Index
Sources Cited and Consulted
a. Hymn Collections
b. Primary and Secondary Sources