Biographical Dictionary of 18th Century Methodism Ten Volume Set

This series presents biographical sketches of all persons who were in any way associated with John and Charles Wesley during the more than fifty years that they traveled throughout Great Britain, as well as in the American colonies and on the European continent. Entries are arranged alphabetically, followed by dates of birth and death (if obtainable), and biographical information and quotes. At the end of each entry, the reader is directed to appropriate sources, the complete titles of which are found in the Bibliography.


“. . . monumental. . . . The multivolume series does not confine itself to the eighteenth century nor to Methodists. It covers converts but also correspondents and critics of John and Charles Wesley. It ranges widely over the Christian tradition to treat individuals influential on or influenced by the Wesleys. . . . Each volume includes a number of featured entries, longer essay treatments of figures especially critical in the Wesleys’ life and work. . . . concludes individual entries with a list of sources, specifying not only a reference but also the pertinent pages. These are rendered with short titles. A twenty-plus-page list of works cited and consulted included in each volume provides full titles. In addition to noting treatment in monographs on the subject being considered, Rogal also, and perhaps most importantly, indicates the places where the Wesleys, and particularly John, refer to this individual. . . . this set belongs with the Wesley works. . . It is a set that theological libraries should acquire.” – Church History

“The task of compiling, editing, preparing the manuscript for publication must have been daunting, There are hundreds of entries in each of the volumes and there will be thousands of entries in the complete set. Undoubtedly, this is an indispensable reference work libraries and historians of 18th century Methodism must have.” – Methodist History

Table of Contents

Vol. 1: A - D: 0-7734-8678-X 484pp. 1997
Vol. 2: E - H: 0-7734-8680-1 515pp. 1997
Vol. 3: I - L: 0-7734-8682-8 384pp. 1997
Vol. 4: M - O: 0-7734-8684-4 500pp. 1998
Vol. 5: P-Q: 0-7734-8686-0 400pp. 1998
Vol. 6: R-Smi : 0-7734-8088-7 548pp. 1999
Vol. 7: Smo-Sym : 0-7734-8022-6 288pp. 1999
Vol. 8: T-V: 0-7734-8024-2 444pp. 1999
Vol. 9: W: 0-7734-8026-9 592pp. 2000
Vol. 10: X-Z; Appendices: 0-7734-8028-5 380pp. 2000