Diary of George Bubb Dodington, Baron of Melcombe Regis ( 1691 - 1762 )

This work presents a sharply focused view into aspects of the eighteenth-century English political scene rarely studied. Two clear perspectives of Dodington emerge. First there is the relentless political job-seeker offering his services in exchange for building his own political base. Second, there is the experienced and knowledgeable politician who is capable of dispensing practical and useful advice on matters foreign and domestic.


From the Introduction:
This Diary provides an entry into the government of eighteenth-century England. Capable and talented persons reveal little reliance upon principle as they bid for one another’s services. Actors such as Henry Pelham, Thomas Pellham-Holles, the Earl of Bute, Henry Fox, Robert Walpole, the Prince and Princess of Wales, and even King George II seize upon issues for their own political advantages. As one contemporary reviewer noted, the published Diary of George Bubb Dodington furnishes “An admirable picture of himself, and an instructive lesson to future statesmen.”

Table of Contents

1. Editor’s Introduction
2. Diarist’s Dedication
3. Wyndham’s Preface
4. The Diary
a. 1749-1751
b. 1752-1753
c. 1754-1755
d. 1656-1761
5. Appendices
a. 1737
b. 1749
c. 1751
d. 1752
f. 1783
6. Cast of Characters
7. Works Cited and Consulted
8. General Index